The Official Releases:

Gladiators Of Pain -

The Self Titled Album was released a year after the bands formation, in December of 1989. It contained eight cover tunes and the bands first three origionals; Wealthy Man's Daughter, 86 Proof, and No Turning Back (AKA No Way Out). The album was available on cassette and was given to the loyal fans of the band for their support.

A Moment For The Dead -

The Bands first professionally recorded and mastered Demo. Recorded in 1992 in Manson Studios. It featured the four newest origionals at the time. Demography, Scarlet Skies, First Battalion, and Strychnine.


Un-Official Recordings - Never Distributed.


Pearl Live - Live Show audio taped at Pearl Studios.

Pain Never Dies - Recording of the last jam before Dean left the area, and the band dis-banded.

GOP Reunion - The four new origionals written and played in a few hours while Dean was in the area visiting, years after his departure.


In Production - 2006

GOP On DVD Collection -

The complete DVD collection. Every GOP show was video taped. Unfortunately not all the Video tapes have been found. But the ones that have been are now available on DVD. Shows in the collection are Behind The Scenes (both shows, second is two discs), one Fast Lanes show (of the three shows at this venue, I have two on Video, but of those two one is beyond repair), one Battle Of The Bands (again only one of the two battles was found), one Cafe Bar, and one Highschool and Extras compilation DVD. The set includes seven DVDs total and also be available individually.
Some are now fully viewable on this site, and the rest will soon be as well. Click the Video Link.


GOP On CD Collection -


The Complete Compact Disc Collection. The Set will include the two official recordings in CD format, as well as the three unofficial recordings. Cover Art May Vary. Available Soon.